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The interchange with Manchester concept has been revised and will be available for download soon!

Hanley Road Phase 1 South Design

Clayton-Hanley Corridor Study


About this Website

The Hanley Road corridor in central St. Louis County has experienced tremendous development and redevelopment over the past 10 years.  From the City of Clayton through the Cities of Brentwood, Richmond Heights and Maplewood, to the new MetroLink line and accompanying stations from Forest Park Parkway to Shrewsbury/Lansdowne, Hanley Road has witnessed an enormous amount of change, including recently losing it’s “split” at the site of the current Lowe’s/Sam’s development.  And the “facelift” is anticipated to continue: development is currently under construction or planned at various locations throughout the corridor, and MoDOT is getting ready to reconfigure and build a new interchange at I-64. View a map of all Hanley Road projects.

Commercial and residential development, in combination with roadway improvements at I-64, will intensify the need to improve mobility.  St. Louis County, in partnership with MoDOT, East-West Gateway Coordinating Council, Metro St. Louis, the cities of Brentwood, Clayton, Maplewood and Richmond Heights and the many property owners and developers throughout the corridor are doing just that: working to improve mobility for the benefit of all.  This website is intended to be a portal into the various efforts that are underway to make this happen.  Your interest is appreciated and your feedback is welcome. 

In your opinion, what is the most important element of implementing improvements to the Hanley Road Corridor?
Reduce congestion
Improve safety
Consistent design theme for the entire corridor through all cities
Aesthetics (landscaping and attractive signing, lighting and signals)
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